Ultimate WOSH Pack


1x 1lt Waterless WOSH & Wax

1x 1lt Interior WOSH

1x 1lt Window WOSH

1x 1lt Tyre Shine

2x WOSH Cloth Packs

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Ultimate WOSH Pack

WOSH Australia brings you the ultimate, environmentally-friendly waterless car wash, Waterless WOSH & Wax.

This scientifically formulated cleaning product safely lifts and removed dust, dirt and other nasties from the surface of your car while the Carnauba Wax seals and protects, leaving a showroom shine.

Gone are the days of having to lug out the hose, fill buckets of water, and watch nasty chemicals flow down your driveway and into drains. Our waterless car wash requires NO rinsing so you are saving precious water.

On average, conventional methods of washing your car can use up to 135 litres of water per wash, sometimes more! With waterless car wash, you simply spray on and wipe off.

Scroll down to see just how amazing this product is!

Your Pack Includes:
WOSH & Wax 1lt
1x Waterless WOSH & Wax
1x Interior WOSH
Window WOSH 1lt
1x Window WOSH
Tyre Shine
1x Tyre Shine
Microfiber Cloth Pack
2x WOSH Cloth Dual Packs
waterless wash and wax before after
Window wash before and after
tyre shine before after
Simple and Fast
Spray On
Use our innovative continuous fine mist spray bottle.
Let WOSH Work
Allow approx. 10-20 seconds for WOSH to encapsulate dirt.
Use a WOSH Cloth to wipe over the area, drawing dirt away.
Showroom Shine
Buff the area to activate the Carnauba Wax. Voila!
Ideal for
Save Water

Compared to conventional cleaning methods, WOSH & Wax eliminates the need to waste water by not requiring any at all! This means the average car owner can save around 1,600 litre of water every year.

Automatic Car Wash
Automated Car Wash
Washing your car at home
At Home Wash
self service car wash
Self Service Wash
professional car wash
Professional Wash
Hear from real people

I used to just go to a car wash but never got a perfect result. Now I enjoy washing my car myself.


I live on a farm so this is great for a quick wash before heading into town. I’ve even used it on my tractors.


It’s hard to find time to wash your car when you have kids, but now I can get them involved without everyone getting wet haha.


Learn more about the origins of WOSH. Click here

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Weight 5 kg
  1. Denis

    was sceptical at first but was reassured it was safe to use without scratching. used it and loved it. would recommend to everyone

  2. Christian

    I used to hate having to wash my car all the time. But Wosh has made it easy. Awesome products. Would highly recommend!

  3. Olivia (verified owner)

    I can do half stars but this is definitely 4.5 stars
    I was going to buy ShineArmor but glad I found this Australian grown product! I started on the front but given the wind direction probably should have done back to front. Think about where the spray is going!! I had to do a few touch ups. My recommendation is to start with the wheels, then tyre shine, then the body of your car, followed by windows.
    Requires a bit of rubbing and beat if it’s still a bit damp. By the time I got to some parts it had dried a lot and took a bit more elbow grease than I am up for. Otherwise it was fabulously easy to use.
    My only gripe and the only reason I wanted to take half a star off is the cloths tend to fluff off a bit. I had to really shake them out. I managed to do the whole car with three cloths but more would have been preferable.
    I’ll also suggest, half size bottles for window and tyre shine would be more than adequate with 2L of wash and wax. But no matter. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  4. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Great product, husband very impressed ! The clothes wash up really well. Love the opportunity to purchase larger sizes, just placed second order and will be buying again. Thank you

  5. Erman (verified owner)

    I got to say I’m very impressed with the product the only thing i can complain about is the spay nozzle because it spays more like a jet then a spay so i felt like i ended up using more of the wash and wax than i needed to use but other then that ill definitely will be buying again

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